Q & A
The Search Process


Proven, Successful Methods

In our discussions with you, we will focus on the specific requirements of the new employee. We will listen to your suggestions about where to find him or her. We will identify the territory and products for sales people, or the appropriate level of management experience for the executive.

We will develop, along with you, a target list of companies where the right person for the position may now be working. We will develop a set of specifications for the new employee, based on the requirements of the position.

We will work to identify the uniqueness, strengths and saleable features
of your company and of the position.

We will also scan salaries of similar positions in the industry to give you
a general idea of what to expect to pay for the position.

Because we’ve been doing this since 1976, and because we are specifically focused
on the metals industry, we are able to move quickly and efficiently to complete your
search and begin discussions with a targeted group of potential candidates for your

In our database, we maintain the nation’s largest library of up-to-date information
about personnel and companies in the metals industry. It is of great value to us in
providing key information to aid in our search.

We use a rifle approach, rather than the typical shotgun approach. We zero in on
the top available talent in the industry qualified for the position you’re looking to fill.
We discuss your opportunity with as many of them as possible.

We do not limit the search to those looking for a new position, but rather all those
qualified to do the job. We will then present those individual who meet your requirements.

We conduct “blind” searches. This means we do not identify you as we seek to recruit
from your competitors. We do not broadcast your name or otherwise reveal who you
are until real interest is discerned in a candidate. Even at that point, we insist upon
the applicant’s confidentiality.

Your first shot with an applicant must be your best shot. So, with each candidate you
choose to interview, we will prepare them with positive information about your company.
We are able to talk to people directly who may not otherwise have considered the
opportunity you are offering.

After the interview, we will work closely to assist the chosen candidate, as they prepare
to go to work for you. We will also stay in touch with them throughout the first year to
make certain the lines of communication remain open as to their level of satisfaction
and personal fulfillment in the new position.

Getting Started

To get started on filling a key position, or simply to discuss the possibility of working
together, please call. Or if you prefer, Click Here and provide us with some basic
information about your company.